Happy New Year – selection of 100 tracks @Audius

What a blessing to start 2022 motivated, strong and fearless.
Healthy, blessed and powerfull happy new year everyone!

A lot is going on these days like questioning everything, taking nothing for granted and bringing everything to the table.
Since a while the ideas are coming in English to my mind and I translate it back to German. Maybe there’s no need to keep it German just because there might be less faults. Let’s try and as I’m not a big writer anyway, it may fit.

Right now I finished the 100 track selection @Audius which moved me in 2021

There’s a Irdie Diary 2021 Selection at Napster and Spotify as well.
If you have a payed account at Napster they provide most revenue for each stream.

Let music be one of your superpowers to keep positive vibez in 2022, stay close to your community and loved ones – stay blessed!

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