RELEASED! Sept ’23

Hey there, groovy souls and reggae aficionados! As the leaves start to turn and the days get a little shorter, we’re here to keep the summer spirit alive with our latest reggae mix playlist. The upcoming days might be bringing us crisper air, but it’s also delivering a fresh batch of sizzling reggae tracks that […]

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Summerdays @ Arbon 2023

Dancing in the rain on August 25’th at Summerdays in Arbon Switzerland and fulljoy with BUKAHARA! One of the most beautiful places and cute festival, although around 12 000 visitors are quite a lot. Totally mixed line-up: CAROLINE CHEVINKIM WILDEMANDO DIAODIE FANTASTISCHEN VIERBUKAHARA Looking forward to see BUKAHARA live the whole day was joy and

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RELEASED! August ’23

Awesome new sounds out there! Here are my favourits, which are yours? Music is such a superpower to me, it can be uplifting as well as regulating all kind of emotions. Once you know how your self is reacting to different styles, artists and lyrics you can really navigate yourself through all. Greatfull for all

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As we step into the sunny vibes of May 2023, it’s time to unveil our latest Reggae Release Playlist. It brings together the freshest tracks and talented artists, promising to infuse your days with positivity and groove. Which are your favourite tracks, released in May ’23? Stay blessed!

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RELEASED! April ’23

Some of the wonderful vibez of April ’23. Get ready to dive into a world of laid-back rhythms and positive vibes with this reggae playlist. We’ve gathered the freshest sounds from contemporary artists who are vibing the spirit . This playlist is sure to leave you feeling irie and uplifted. Hit play and share these

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RELEASED! March ’23

Welcome to our handpicked collection of the hottest reggae releases from March. Get ready to embrace the reggae spirit with this unforgettable playlist of March 23rd releases. Let the music guide you on a journey of self-discovery, positivity, and unity. Enjoy the riddim, embrace the messages, and let the reggae love flow!

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Finally M4Music Festival again

24. + 25. March in Zurich Keynotes by Protoje & Uncle Peng Peng Happy to be back amoung music nerds of different areas. Writer, Musicians, Producer, Manager, Booking and PR Agents, Journalists… Next to the Artists on 5 stages the conference part was so interesting. There where a lot of talks about todays challenges. A

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