Summerdays @ Arbon 2023

Dancing in the rain on August 25’th at Summerdays in Arbon Switzerland and fulljoy with BUKAHARA! One of the most beautiful places and cute festival, although around 12 000 visitors are quite a lot. Totally mixed line-up: CAROLINE CHEVINKIM WILDEMANDO DIAODIE FANTASTISCHEN VIERBUKAHARA Looking forward to see BUKAHARA live the whole day was joy and …

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Exciting! Audius vs. Spotify Follower

Still unbelievable, Audius with 7 Playlist attracts 260 Followers while Spotify with 58 Playlist, monthly new stuff and much older Account poor 12 Follower. This is proving, that chances are great at Audius, to find and be found. Great opportunity for Newcomer. Did you already checked it out? Photocredit title: tiburi

Finally M4Music Festival again

24. + 25. March in Zurich Keynotes by Protoje & Uncle Peng Peng Happy to be back amoung music nerds of different areas. Writer, Musicians, Producer, Manager, Booking and PR Agents, Journalists… Next to the Artists on 5 stages the conference part was so interesting. There where a lot of talks about todays challenges. A …

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walk the talk

Massive respect to the mindvalley community! Mindvalley is a impressive online-plattform of selfdevelopment courses like meditation, energy-work, motivation, management, rethoric, career ……stuff. Originally based in California, they expanded meanwhile internationally. In their newsletter today the CEO’s explained his and teammembers connection with Eastern Europe. These days they started actions to support Ukraine and shared what …

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African legend of a hummingbird

Found a beautiful legend of a hummingbird today. Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai tells an inspiring tale of doing the best you can even if you only can bring a drop of solution. I also like the extended version: “… The other animals started laughing but a small elephant filled his trunk with water and threw …

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It could be tomorrow

Wow, passionated reasoning with Blvk H3ro I still believe, that tomorrow might just be the day and I don’t wanna miss tomorrow, because tomorrow never ends! #stayBlessed View this post on Instagram A post shared by Blvk H3ro aka Black Hero (@blvkh3ro)

Wie wär’s mit Napster?

Meine Liebe zu Spotify hat einen schmerzlichen Dämpfer kassiert. 1. Slogan “impfen is everything” #nicht 2. in den Kommentaren zu dem Slogan ein Hinweis auf eine Investition vom Spotify’s CEO in ein Military Defence AI Programm was sich in einem Tweet vom CEO bestätigte 3. Bei meinen Recherchen zu Alternativen finde ich heraus, dass Napster …

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