This event calendar and blog was inspired by my favorite sites reggaenode.de and reggae.ch, which both stopped/paused their services. I missed the best calendars so much that I started one myself. In my free time I collected at least some reggae events especially in southern Germany and Switzerland.

Meanwhile it is a automatic feed of my google calendar, where different types of event grabbing come together. For south Germany and Switzerland still often completed manually.

  • reggaenode.de (1994 to 2011) had the best overview of festivals, clubs and news
  • reggaeville.com (since 2011) is now a big online magazine with lots of international info from tour dates to releases, photos and videos and much more. Great content!
  • reggae.ch (2001 to 2011) presented almost all events in Switzerland, from the big concerts to the small parties, unfortunately inactive for a long time now
  • reggaenews.ch (since 2011) is the current Swiss online magazine with an extensive agenda. Mega!

#bigup! … Thanks for the countless updates about events and releases. Thank you for nurturing the community.

Thank you for the music!

There are of course many more Reggae Agendas, feel free to send your favorites.


Police and No Doubt probably made my heart beat off-beat for over 35 years now. In the meantime there are more than 800 Reggae Artists in my Music-Accounts.

Reasoning … may describes best another part I dedicate a lot of time and heart to. Since there are so many ingenious inspirations I see myself as a curator of philosophy and art that moves me.

In the openstream.ch team I am project juggler for full service WordPress and Magento projects. Luckily I can always combine everything that inspires me.

With sun in my heart and dancing in the rain … Always on the way to the next better version.

… what did you want to know?


    Reggae und Dancehall Events in Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Konstanz, Radolfzell, Schaffhausen, Winterthur, Zürich und mehr. Reggae Eventkalender bzw. Veranstaltungskalender für Deutschland und die Schweiz mit jeder Menge Reggaekonzerte und Reggaeparty.

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