Summerjam: Reggae only?

As each festival has a dynamic evolution, Summerjam changes as well. Let’s discuss e.g. new music genres at Summerjam in an open and unbiased way. I see and understand those, who don´t like that at all, but as a dancer I feel at home in the reggae-universe as well as in the one of hip-hop, I enjoyed the mix.

Moop Mama

One of the first bands was Moop Mama and they realy know how to fire the crowd up. It was fun to party with them and follow the fat brass sound and the lyrics. German hip-hop spiced with nice sarcasm. We definitely had fun, band and crowd!


Sara Lugo

Second day started with the little sister of Jamaram from south of Germany. Sara grew up to an international artists, meanwhile touring through the whole world often in cooperation with great artists. She took here road in big steps. #MassiveRespect

We loved to chill at the Jam-Session area, where musicians came to play togehter. Once Sara Lugo was among them, extremly awesome!


Akua Naru

My personal highlight was Akua Naru from USA, who’s now living in Cologne. Her way to combine hi-hop with jazz and soul is unique and leads to her special flow. I love her honest and profound lyrics. She’s not only grounding by her beats, she engages you with her words as well. A totally awesome character who has a lot to say.


If you like Lauren Hill, you’ll love Akua Naru!
In between her songs, she took up position to topics of injustice and brought the crowd back to the roots. She’s a very special Lady among the hip-hop scene not only because of her exceptional flow but also because she’s having a deep message.


I’m looking foward to see her in Konstanz 19th of November 16 at KuLa!
#MakeSomeBeautifulNoise for Akua Naru!!!!!!!


We celebrated a lot of other artists as well, Chronixx, Gentleman & Ky-Mani Marley… but far away from the stage. Around 10 000 people shared the Summerjam area at Fuehlinger See a perfect place to chill out and enjoy the peacefull festival.

While leaving Cologne on Sunday my only consolation where the upcomming events, Reggae im Herzen this weekend an Keep it Real Jam in August.


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