Finally M4Music Festival again

24. + 25. March in Zurich

Keynotes by Protoje & Uncle Peng Peng

Happy to be back amoung music nerds of different areas. Writer, Musicians, Producer, Manager, Booking and PR Agents, Journalists…
Next to the Artists on 5 stages the conference part was so interesting. There where a lot of talks about todays challenges. A lot of people left music business the last two years. Sound- and light-engineers, location operators, staff… and there’re rare young people starting education in those professions because it is so instable. There’s a need of trust in future to go forward no matter what things look like right now. There are so much new challenges and changes right now.

On the other hand, there is also a lot of driving force from cultural workers who are adapting to the new situation and investing even more heart and soul than before. This is the love you can feel amoung the participants of M4Music Festival.

Next to the talks are always shows, a great opportunity for newcomers to present. Same at the Demotape Clinic, where Musicians get professional Feedback and there are always interesting people amoung the audiance to get in touch with.

Main gerne at M4Music is Indie and Pop and once you are there you will be found by sounds that matches to you even if you’re a reggaesoul like me. It also could be that Cali P. is 2 days amoung the crowd, so cool.

Some of the talks are published on M4Music Youtube Channel
like this great one about promotion from last year (language: German)

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