Reggae Special on SRF3

While driving my mum’s car I turned on the radio. I guessed SWR3 … some songs… then one Reggae, nice! … I went to the gas station … came back … still reggae and such an awesome one???

With very mixed emotions I wondered if reggae is completely mainstream now??? I didn’t liked that idea. And then – deep breathe – it was SRF3! Swiss Radio Station which always had selection from experts from very different genres. And I was really glad!

Reggae Special selected by Lukie Wyninger at SRF 3, Swiss Radio Station Tuesdays from  8 to 10 PM. He knows about new stuff, good stories, coolest places and upcomming events from our area and about newcomer world wide. Really nice topics and studio guests.

Today’s Selection

Those who use Podcast Apps could add the SRF3 Reggae-Special with the following URL:

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